Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Wanted to Work from Her 'Little Bubble' Car

If it's any consolation to those work-from-home Yahoo employees who'll soon be forced to come into the office, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer feels their commuting pain. In fact, she brainstormed with BMW in 2011 to sketch out an idea she had for easing office commutes — self-driving 'little bubbles'. Not sure that they'll be ready come June, but here's Mayer's elevator pitch from a BMW film short: "All I really need is a little bubble that drives itself and when it runs into something, it doesn't hurt that know, like it doesn't actually take up that much fuel because it's so lightweight and it's good for the environment for that reason." In another installment of the BMW film series, Marissa surprisingly embraces the idea of working from one's car: "I would love to be able to work, talk, do with friends or family...while I'm getting to somewhere."